Fashion meets Sushi

This post won’t be about fashion, but it’s about food. My second inspiration. Since I haven’t discovered a nice outfit for cooking, I just want to share my first home-made sushi experience (for recipes you can always comment or e-mail). That one time when I was a little emotional while eating sushi, was in Ibiza at restaurant B.FOR (I almost started kidding). It was the best I have ever had. Of course not anymore, I feel like a real Sushi Chef, Queen of Sushi etc.  Though real chefs have to cook rice for a year before they are allowed to make those art objects of rice and fish, I think my girlfriends and I did a pretty good job. Let’s all get crazy with sushi!

Next time an outfit post, I promise.

Below you can see the photos of the home-made Sushi and the experience at Restaurant B.FOR.

IMG_2793 IMG_2794 Iphone foto's 120 Iphone foto's 117



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