INSPIRATION/ Couture Elie Saab

Monday is Inspiration-day I know, but I couldn’t wait any longer to share the photos from the couture show of Elie Saab.

It is truly beautiful, like I landed in a fairy tale. Those dresses, the fabrics, lace, flowers, glitter, colors. Everything is perfect. From girlish pink to mysterious black, I love all details of every piece. If only I had an occasion to wear a dress like that…

Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5231_reference    Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5257_reference    Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5374_reference

Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5325_reference    Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5419_reference    Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5437_reference

Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5523_reference    Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5529_reference    Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5600_reference

Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5621_reference    Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5653_reference    Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5666_reference

Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5675_reference    Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5716_reference    Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5709_reference

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