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A very High Tea

Sometimes it’s a typical weekend for quality time with the family. And what’s a better way to do that with a High Tea on a nice Autumn day. With Le boyfriend I went to ‘Lunchroom T’ and I can tell you; it was delicious. He almost had to roll me home.Well okay not really..but he was carrying my bag. That counts too, knowing how men are. But wait, we are drifting away from the subject! That morning I was staring at my closet, ‘what to wear, what to wear’? And then with just one look at my newest member of the closet Family, I knew it: my Zara trousers ( they were almost staring at me). I decided to wear a black and white outfit. In my opinion, matching black and white always gives a classic look and it’s perfect for any occasion. I also like to wear it with a touch of color!

IMG_2812 IMG_2822

IMG_2823 IMG_2825

Rock Chicks at dinner

A few weeks ago, my friends and I won an award for ‘Best Female’ at a party. We were the rock chicks of the night. Little surprised that we won, just in leather trousers and a white T-shirt. I slept that night, wearing my ‘Best of Rock’ T-shirt, as a tribute to that evening.

We won  a lovely dinner at the InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam. Check it out guys! So after work, we got dressed and then the four of us hopped around in the Amstel Brasserie. It was a very good night. Below you’ll see the amazing creations of the Amstel Brasserie. I was wearing my Zara necklage. I have to admit, I’m having a crush at the Zara necklages! Please don’t tell my boyfriend…




4. Amstel dinner


Fashion meets Sushi

This post won’t be about fashion, but it’s about food. My second inspiration. Since I haven’t discovered a nice outfit for cooking, I just want to share my first home-made sushi experience (for recipes you can always comment or e-mail). That one time when I was a little emotional while eating sushi, was in Ibiza at restaurant B.FOR (I almost started kidding). It was the best I have ever had. Of course not anymore, I feel like a real Sushi Chef, Queen of Sushi etc.  Though real chefs have to cook rice for a year before they are allowed to make those art objects of rice and fish, I think my girlfriends and I did a pretty good job. Let’s all get crazy with sushi!

Next time an outfit post, I promise.

Below you can see the photos of the home-made Sushi and the experience at Restaurant B.FOR.

IMG_2793 IMG_2794 Iphone foto's 120 Iphone foto's 117