Happy Sunday

Outfit / Sunday, leggings day

Yesterday, it was the perfect Sunday. Some shopping, having a nice lunch, spending time with the boyfriend and family.
And what is a better way to do it, then doing it in a comfortable outfit?!

I am not really a leggings person, but my velvet one from Modstrøm is just to comfi to resist. Combine it with a long top or blouse to make sure that you don’t get the leggings-wanna-be-trousers effect. This day I wore it with a blouse from Sandro Paris.

Have a good start of the week everyone!


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|Modstrøm leggings | Sandro Paris Blouse | H&M slip ons |

Lazy Sunday

Oh how I love a Sunday afternoon, without any plans. On Saturdays most people are busy with things they couldn’t find time for during the week. And with things I mean grocery shopping and studying… Okay, well that last one is only meant for persons who are studying next to their jobs…

Anyways, this day will be my Sunday-without-any-plans. Just reading a good book And what is better than enjoying the day in comfortable fake fur. Boyfriends don’t like it and I simply don’t understand. Who doesn’t love fake fur?! I’m mixing it with fabrics like velvet and cotton.

Happy Sunday!! 


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