De Bijenkorf

Next destination: South-Africa

Tomorrow I’ll leave the Netherlands for what it is and start my journey to South-Africa. The last few days I’ve been busy with packing my bags and preparing for this trip. Luckily I didn’t cross the maximum weight of luggage. That’s great, cause now I can pack an extra pair of shoes yeayy! I can not wait to step on that airplane tomorrow morning. I am finally seeing my best friend again. I’ll try to share a photo each day via Instagram, so make sure you’re following @klaverwendy.

(Photos South-Africa by Kras)

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  | Zara shorts | de Bijenkorf Bikini | lingerie bag from a Parisian market |

Guilty pleasure

My friend, Audrey Hepburn once said: ‘Paris is always a good idea’. Now that is a true story. In addition to Paris, shopping is also a very good idea. It’s the best remedy when feeling down or even when you’re feeling perfectly fine. I was having my guilty pleasure evening last Tuesday. After work I went to a member evening at De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam. Together with my mom, we searched trough the whole store. And I can tell you; during a shopping session, my mom and I are the perfect team. And just when I was giving up hope finding a nice piece for my winter collection, my eyes caught this beauty from Sandro. So even when I’m not in Paris, I now keep a little bit of Paris in my closet.