It’s all about shoes

This evening is the end of a perfect weekend. I went to the exposition S.H.O.E.S  in Rotterdam. I was amazed by the many different types of shoes. If you have the chance, you should really visit Kunsthal Rotterdam. You’ll see a collection of shoes you haven’t seen before; from shoes in an old Victorian style to the creations of Iris van Herpen. Oh yeah and I saw the one and only Manolo’s that Carrie wore in SATC! Pretty cool.
It was a true ‘Heaven’ for all the shoe addicts. But then I felt my credit card burn in my pocket and I knew there was only one thing to do after visiting this exposition: shopping!

IMG_3926    IMG_3944    IMG_3933

IMG_3934    IMG_3936

I jumped in the tram to get me to the nearest Zara (what can I say; I’m addicted). I think I succeeded, cause I bought this black beauties. After looking for these kind of shoes – what felt like a decade – I’m glad I can finally add them to my collection.

IMG_3969    IMG_3973

The other day of the weekend, my best friend came over for a lazy Sunday. Together we watched Sex and the City. Which completed the whole ‘shoe-theme’.


Tommorrow: new week, new adventures. Enjoy your evening!

IMG_3951    IMG_3943

|| Benneton Coat | Zara trousers | Zara purse | H&M Slip ons | Mango sunnies ||

Home sweet home

They always say: ‘it is good to be home’. Well, I will not agree. After seeing this beautiful country, I wasn’t ready to go back home yet. South-Africa has a lot of diversity and I really enjoyed every minute of my stay. I didn’t had much time to write any posts while being there. That’s why I’ll now share some of my outfits I wore during my holiday.

I enjoyed wearing shorts and skirts each day. It was such a nice weather. Guess I’m doing something terribly wrong by living in the Netherlands…

I hope you like the outfits! For now it’s time to work-out, I will be like a hamster on a treadmill. I seriously can’t wait to burn the food I ate.. really..

Zuid-Afrika 2014 123 IMG_2868

IMG_3634 IMG_3703

IMG_3641  IMG_3706

IMG_3717 IMG_2786

Zuid-Afrika 2014 082 IMG_2122

IMG_2121 IMG_2922

OUTFIT / black and white

Did I mention how much I love black and white? Well, I simply can’t think about living without the black and white combination. It’s simple, sophisticated, classic, chic. Sometimes it is everything you need.

To complete the outfit for a nice dinner, just wear a very nice, very big necklace. You know it’s a good one, when it is almost to heavy to wear!

IMG_2087   IMG_2089



IMG_2085   IMG_2084

| Zara blazer and trousers | André Paris shoes | Reiss belt | Zara necklace |

OUTFIT / details of the day

This was my last working day before my vacation to South-Africa. It’s freezing outside, perfect time to fly away. I am really looking forward to it and now the only thing I have to do is packing my suitcase (and trying to put my things in my boyfriends suitcase). Let’s see if that’ll work out!

For this last day at work I am wearing a blazer with pied-de-poule design from SuperTrash. I’m having this blazer for years, but still loving it. I am combining the blazer with black coated trousers. Combining these textures gives it an elegant but powerful look.

IMG_2061  IMG_3507

IMG_2047  IMG_3511


Zara trousers, top and shoes | SuperTrash blazer | Swarovski bracelet | Dept coat |

OUTFIT / details of the day

I just can’t seem to stop matching these tartan trousers (also seen  here). I love the black-white combination and today I wore a shirt with linen and lace from Sandro Paris (same as here). I am not really a winter person, so since it was freezing outside I needed my cashmere friend.


foto (3)

foto (1)



Wearing: Zara tartan pants, beanie and bag, Sandro Paris shirt, Ted Baker coat, André Paris shoes

INSPIRATION/ Couture Elie Saab

Monday is Inspiration-day I know, but I couldn’t wait any longer to share the photos from the couture show of Elie Saab.

It is truly beautiful, like I landed in a fairy tale. Those dresses, the fabrics, lace, flowers, glitter, colors. Everything is perfect. From girlish pink to mysterious black, I love all details of every piece. If only I had an occasion to wear a dress like that…

Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5231_reference    Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5257_reference    Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5374_reference

Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5325_reference    Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5419_reference    Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5437_reference

Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5523_reference    Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5529_reference    Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5600_reference

Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5621_reference    Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5653_reference    Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5666_reference

Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5675_reference    Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5716_reference    Elie-Saab-HC-RS14-5709_reference

INSPIRATION / pretty pink

It is time to take all your pink clothes out of the closet and wear them the coming period.
We hear the same sentence every season: ‘black is the new black’. Well, that is very true. But, we can add a new color to this sentence: pink. And with pink I mean; from head-to-toe pink. These designers made it pretty clear that this color is not only for little girls. So if you see something pink, walking around in Amsterdam. That will be me.

Make a feminine and powerful statement with this color, ladies.


Blumarine-RF13-1134_reference    Blumarine-RF13-1358_reference    Carven-RF13-0018_reference

Carven-RF13-0094_reference    Celine-RF13-0583_reference    S-Rocha-RF13-0024_reference

(source: Céline, Blumarine, Simone Rocha and Carven)

OUTFIT / So fluffy

Okay… what do you do when stepping out of bed in the morning and already feeling like you haven’t slept in weeks?

It’s simple as hell: you put on the most comfortable and soft sweater you have at the moment, combined with the best trousers. Lately, I’m wearing this tartan pants very often. But let’s be honest; what’s not to love about them?
I was thankful for having this sweater in my closet. Even though people call me a polar bear or fluffy animal, because of the fabric… I will always love it. Feeling warm already by the look at it.


IMG_2004    IMG_2012


IMG_2017    IMG_2029




INSPIRATION / trends spring 2014

As from today I will start a weekly Inspiration post on Mondays. In this first Inspiration post it’s about the upcoming trends for spring 2014. When I saw the runway looks, I thought it would be nice to share some pics which I totally love. Those are the looks I get inspired by and I hope it will inspire you to. Let’s all enjoy fashion!!

Personally, I’m a huge fan of 3.1. Phillip Lim and  I love the simplicity of the looks from the Victoria Beckham show in Paris. The colors black, white and red, great combination! The sports trend is catching my eye also.

Victoria-Beckham-RS13-2925_reference  Alexander-Wang-RS13-1383_reference  Victoria-Beckham-RS13-2740_reference  Victoria-Beckham-RS13-2770_reference  Victoria-Beckham-RS13-2788_reference  Victoria-Beckham-RS13-2836_reference  111113_Spring_2014_Trend_Report_slide_80  111113_Spring_2014_Trend_Report_slide_90  Phillip-Lim-RS13-2979_reference  Phillip-Lim-RS13-3016_reference  Phillip-Lim-RS13-3147_reference  Phillip-Lim-RS13-3167_reference

(sources: and

You want it, you buy it

Everyone knows the feeling of seeing a something and wanting it really really bad. Like I saw this sweatshirt and I had to have it! It was like falling in love and it swept me of my feet. Oh.. and I saw that leather skirt by accident, now it’s mine.

It’s so easy to buy things, but it’s the art of combining fabrics and colours. I like to combine the skirt with a sweater for a nonchalant look, to create the Sunday afternoon-effect. But the skirt can be chic if wearing it with a nice blouse and some high heels.

Which one do you prefer?







In the name of Jewelry

I think fashion will always be a combination of clothes and jewelry. Jewelry is the little piece of art that makes an outfit complete. Jewelry is about details. It’s about that little surprise when you look at the outfit of someone and you spot that beautiful necklace or that eye-catching ring; it’s like the cherry on the pie.

Through the years I’ve collected a lot of those little pieces of art (actually, I think I will never stop collecting them). When I opened my Christmas present I got really exited, because now I can display my favorites at this beautiful étagère.

IMG_1891 IMG_1894 IMG_1897 IMG_1898 IMG_1899 IMG_1901 IMG_1903 IMG_1905 IMG_1906 IMG_1909 IMG_1915 IMG_1920